Seed Library*

The WML Seed Library offers a collection of vegetable, flower, herb, and fruit seeds that are free for everyone. In return we ask that you try to harvest the seeds from the crops that you grow and bring back those seeds to the library to share with the community.


How It Works


The Seed Library is conveniently located in our main room, right next to our front entrance. 


Browse for what you need, pick out what you would like. 


Please leave some for others, if you don't need an entire pack, let us know at the desk and we'll help divide them or bring back what you don't use. If you're borrowing more than 5 packages at a time, we may have to limit how many you are taking. 


Bring you selections to the desk to check out. This is important so we know what to restock!

Additional Resources

Seed Donations




We intend for this collection to be self-sustaining. With that in mind, we happily accept donations.

Seeds do not have to be split up into smaller envelopes to donate, but is helpful!

We have envelopes at the library or use small paper coin envelopes that will fit into the seed library drawers. Seeds should be dropped off in a sealed container such as a Ziploc bag or jar.


We accept the following donations:

  • Commercial seed packages, unopened or leftover. We prefer open-pollinated or heirloom varieties. Hybrids are okay but please label them since those seeds should not be saved. Please do not donate chemically treated seeds.
  • Seeds you’ve harvested yourself that are clean and dry.
  • Seeds for vegetables, fruits, or herbs.

Please include the following information when donating seeds:


  • Seed name/variety
  • Seed company/information on where the seed came from. If your seed has a special story or history, be sure to include that too!
  • Year the seed was saved/packing date (usually on the seed packet)
  • Your name, phone, or email


*Created in part with donations from Sow Right Seeds, Bentley Seeds, and High Mowing Seeds.