Hydrangea Festival July 10 - 18

Tickets are $5.00 at each garden.

The library has advance tickets available.

This is a rain or shine event.  All money raised goes to Whelden Memorial Library. Thank you.

Garden Descriptions

Howe’s Gardens: 1124 Old Stage Road, Centerville  We hybridize (breed) daylilies We currently have 23 registered with the American Daylily Society. In our gardens there are about 75 flowers by other growers and several hundred of our own crosses, either never seen before first year flowers or older blooms under evaluation. We also have many other perennials. Open for Tours: Saturday, July 10th and Sunday, July 18th from 9 AM - 12 Noon Garden Owners: Arnold and Mary Howe


The 23rd Garden: 11 Water Street, Sandwich  The property was put together by the previous owners, The Finks, in 23 years, thus the name of the garden. We bought the property three years ago and have maintained their hard work. In the front there is a Chinese Elm (Zelkova) which was given to them as a small bonsai. Many Cryptomeria (Japanese Cedar) line the property. A Koi Pond in the courtyard with Iris and waterlilies is enjoyed throughout the summer. The back yard has a cedar greenhouse which holds many orchids and Clivias. A variety of ferns may be found on the property as you enjoy the shade of many large Maple trees. Open for Tours: Tuesday, July 13th 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Garden Owner: Kenyon Gregoire


Gary Family Farm: 340 Cedar Street, West Barnstable  The property is a work in progress and each year we make new gains. The primary vegetable garden is a mix of raised beds and in ground beds. There are multiple additional flower beds throughout the property. A small apple orchard has been started, and fruit should be apparent during July. Fertilizer is provided year-round from the chickens in residence! Open for Tours: Saturday, July 17th and Sunday, July 18th 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Garden Owners: Janet and Tom Gary 


Bucolic Cedar Hill Farm and Garden: 349 Maple Street, West Barnstable  Hoofs, feathers, trees, and flowers represent the bucolic sanctuary environment Tom and Bob foster in their gentlemen’s farm and garden. Perennials and annuals surround a circular pool and adjacent to a small barnyard hosting two miniature goats 4 ducks, 7 hens and 3 roosters to entertain. The perimeter of the property is designed as a walk in a park offering a scenic pathway to secret garden areas to explore with a whimsical presentation of nature along the way. Return to a poolside resting spot with refreshments to experience the established harmony of wildlife, farm animals and garden. Open for Tours: Saturday, July 17th and Sunday, July 18th 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Garden Owners: Tom Hume and Bob McCulley


Cranberry Gables on Maple: Maple Street, West Barnstable The Japanese Concept of WABI-SABI best describes our garden paradise - that gardens don't have to be perfect to be beautiful, useful & enjoyable. Come & enjoy our Unusual framed topiary - giraffe, lion (in the pet cemetery) tortoise & rabbits . . . free style topiary of trees & shrubs . . . a 30-year collection of trees, shrubs, plants & bulbs from unique Nurseries, Catalogs & Gardening Friends. My garden artistry is playful & quirky - ala Alice In Wonderland. The property is Park like with mature native trees, wide walking paths & plenty of places to sit & ponder . . . Our friend & Artist Ellen Moran will be Plein Air Painting in the garden - Saturday 17th. Her watercolors have been inspired by the simple things in life & her love of the natural beauty of the Cape's landscapes & people. Open for Tours: Saturday, July 17th and Sunday, July 18th 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Garden Owners: Joanne and Steve Wallace


Center View: 264 Bay Lane, Centerville  Come enjoy the beauty and privacy of our Cape Cod garden. Surrounded by natural woods with glimpses of the Bumps River, the back garden and porch overlook a former cranberry bog, now flooded and home to ducks, geese, swans, egrets, and herons. The front yard includes shady borders, bigleaf hydrangea, panicle hydrangea and colorful window boxes. Open for Tours: Saturday, July 17th and Sunday, July 18th 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Garden Owners: Barbara and Michael Joly


Woodland Haven: 166 Indian Trail Barnstable  Hidden behind a trellis banked in climbing hydrangeas is a garden where I’ve tried to create some beauty and peace for all. I hope some little surprises will bring a smile as well. This land is part of an area where the Cummaquid people gathered each summer for many years. I try to honor their presence and the presence of others by planting trees that have survived for many millions of years. Several varieties of dawn redwoods, gingkoes, larches, Japanese maples, and hollies are tucked in among native trees. Butterfly bushes, mock oranges, elderberries, coneflowers, and bee balms attract butterflies and birds through summer and fall. Best of all, over 150 varieties of daylilies and hostas are waiting for visitors. Open for Tours: Thursday, July 15th and Saturday, July 17th 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Garden Owner: Janet Edmonds